How to come up with 10 damn good Ideas everyday: Learn it and use it for life

Need to come up with great ideas?

Amazing news: Claudia Azula will today in Fabiola SHARE learn you how to become an idea machine.


  • Learn how to become an idea machine (priceless!)
  • Learn to get your idea muscles on fire
  • You will learn why ideas are the currency of The 21st century
  • You learn how to be interesting
  • You will get THE BOOK: "Become An Idea Machine" for free!
  • Because Claudia made "The best Brain Fitness book in the world"
  •  Great ideas to exercise your idea muscle
  • It will help you with your creativity
  • You'll make more money because some of your ideas will take root and grow
  • You will rock your comfort zone and be more generous

I'm beyond grateful that Claudia joining us today in Fabiola SHARE. You will love her (and her ideas) big time!


Awesome people and links mentioned in this episode include:

Claudia Azula favorite books: 

Claudia Azula and James Altuchers books 

The Yoga podcast...

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7 tips to turn your goals into realities with Brian Mayne

When I was little, I loved to draw. I could sit for hours and draw all sorts of drawings. Actually, I thought that I should be a cartoonist when I was 13 years old which is quite fun to think about.

Today I am glad I still have my creativity and childish mind, but I still draw in my work to spread happiness. Never grow up is my motto ;)

Today in Fabiola SHARE will Brian Mayne, author of Goal Mapping tell you about The Power of Goal Mapping - How to Get Everything You Want.

No matter whether you want to be a cartoonist, save the world or break a bad habit. 

Hope you can use the podcast and as always, thank you for listening and sharing podcast.

Wish you the best,


People mentioned:

Tony Robbins

Stephen Covey

Brendon Burchard

Links from the episode:

Goal Mapping online

Brian Maynes mapping books:

Goal Mapping

Self Mapping

Life Mapping

Connect med Brian Mayne:  Facebook| LinkedIn| Personlige website|

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The Five Laws to Maximize Your Sales with Bob Burg

Sometimes people ask me why my podcast is free.

To be honest, I’m just selfish.

Because when I hear stories of my work helping others live better lives, I can’t help but smile. My work fulfills me. 

The more value I give the happier I am. And for that reason my podcast is free.

I want to live in a world where intentions are good.

I believe that the purpose of life is to love, be loved, and feel understood.

But my podcast has also allowed me to reach people all over the world. Today I help hundreds of people build their personal brand help them sell more online.

Today on the show I share my interview with Bob Burg, speaker, writer and consultant.

In this episode you’ll learn the five laws to maximize your sales and he will also share the art of giving.

As always I hope you enjoy the podcast, and thanks for listening.

Wish you the best,


People mentioned:

Randy Gage

Books from Bob Burg: 

The Go-giver book, John David Mann & Bob Burg


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How to create successful rituals to live a more Fulfilling Life

The more successful you become, the more pressure there will be on you, to be sharper and better. At the same time you should also work in your personal life with love, friends and family and what life otherwise offers!

How do you create balance in your life?

Successful people have all something in common. They have rituals.

Something that reminds them of what is important to them.

In this week's podcast, you can hear what rituals Warren Buffets, Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell have.

Today in Fabiola SHARE, Chris Attwood, author of Your Hidden Riches, will inspire you to find rituals that can lighten up your world.

Hope you can use the podcast and as always, thank you for listening and sharing to your friends.

Wish you the best,


People mentioned:

Byron Katie The Work

Jack Canfield

Brendon Burchard

Wade Davis

Janet Attwood

Links from the episode:

Chris Attwoods new book:

Connect with Chris Attwood: Facebook| LinkedIn| ...

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Sådan bliver du en transformerende foredragsholder …Uden nervøsitet

Hvis jeg skulle lave en takketale til en der har transformeret min karriere og mit liv, så er det Steinar Ditlefsen.

Han er en inspirerende foredragsholder og transformerende underviser, og har undervist og rådgivet nogen af Danmarks dygtigste foredragsholdere til at performe bedre og gøre en forskel med hjertet.

Idag i Fabiola SHARE, vil han hjælpe dig med at blive en transformerende foredragsholder, uden nervøsitet og som kan gøre en stor forskel for andre mennesker.

Håber du kan bruge podcasten big time og tak fordi du lytter med :)

Ønsker dig det bedste,


Noter for episoden med Steinar Ditlefsen:

  • Hvordan du kan dele noget der kan gøre en forskel
  • Drivkraft for formidlere
  • Hvordan du finder ind til dit hjerte
  • Hvem er du som formidler?
  • Nærvær for dit publikum
  • Hvor magien opstår til et foredrag

 Mennesker nævnt:

Tony Robbins

Connect med Steinar Ditlefsen:  Facebook| LinkedIn| ...

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How to Find Your Passion and Do What You Really Love

This week’s episode is a interview of a important conversation I had with world famed author and transformational leader Janet Bray Attwood.

Janet and I met this year to a Power Speaker VIP Dinner with our mutual friend Steinar Ditlefsen. We clicked immediately and after the lovely dinner I had agreed an interview on Janets hotel the next day.

The next morning I was so excited about the interview that I forgot to buy a ticket on the train! That was not funny when the train man came to see my ticket! But, It was funny and heart lifting to make this interview for you. All about have you can find your passion and live it big time! Yeah! Isn't that what life is all about? I think it is :)

Janet Attwood will turn your world face forward so you can live every day like it’s your last, with love and passion.

About Janet Attwood

  • CO-author of the New York Times bestseller The Passion Test
  • Trained over 1,200 Passion Test Facilitators in 50...
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How to Design Your Dream Life w/ Jairek Robbins

In this episode of Fabiola SHARE, Peak Performance coach and - son of Tony Robbins and purpose author Jairek Robbins discusses how to live your life of your dreams.

Here are some awesome things you’ll discover in this podcast:

  • How to achieve succes by living with purpose
  • How to build a strong foundation for authentic happiness.
  • How to become the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled version of yourself
  • What Jairek Robbins learned from his dad
  • How to get paid for what you love
  • Have to fall in love in hard work
  • How Jairek thinks about his weekness
  • How to design your vision and plan in your life

In the above podcast Jairek Robbinsbreaks the 3 simple steps to success and purpose:

1.Learn It

2.Live It

3.Give It

Questions from the podcast about your vision:

  • Where would you go?
  • How would you feel?
  • What would you do?
  • What did you learn?
  • What would you give?
  • Who would be there?
  • What would you like to share?
  • What would you serve?
  • What would you do?
  • What...
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Stine Bosse om karriere, livet og lederskab [Podcast]

Hvordan bliver man en dygtig leder?

Hvem er bedre at spørge end den tidligere danske topchef og nuværende bestyrelsesformand Stine Bosse?

Glæd dig til en ærlig samtale med Stine Bosse om:

  • De omkostninger, der er ved at nå til tops.
  • Stine Bosses opskrift på succes.
  • Hvordan Stine Bosse lærte at håndtere janteloven.
  • De ting hun har lært af sin største svaghed og fiasko.
  • Hvilke råd Stine Bosse ville give til en ny ung leder.
  • Hvad personlig succes er for Stine Bosse.
  • Hvordan hun har opbygget sit netværk.
  • Hvordan man bør håndtere sociale medier som leder.
  • Hvordan Stine planlægger sin karriere.
  • Hvordan man holder jordforbindelsen som leder.
  • Plus meget mere…

Velkommen til en ny episode af Fabiola SHARE, hvor vi lærer af Stine Bosses livserfaring som succesfuld erhvervsleder.

Stine Bosse er blandt andet bestyrelsesmedlem hos Allianz Group, Concito og det Kongelige Teater. Hun har...

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Mike Radoor – Det handler om at ville det nok

Går din hverdag lidt for stærkt? Føler du aldrig rigtigt du har tid til at tage ned i træningscentret og give den gas? 

Mike Radoor er netop udkommet med e-bogen Imtooslow workout program for travle mennesker på farten, der vil i god form og leve sundt.

Det er ikke nogen hemmelighed, at Mike Radoor er i pæn god form.

Men hvordan kan det lade sig gøre, når han er én af de førende medstiftere bag Miinto, og han har en arbejdsdag der kan slå de fleste omkuld?

Det fortæller han om i ugens Fabiola SHARE - lyt med og giv den gas!

Bliv mere inspireret af Mike Radoor og Fabiola

Mike Radoor anbefaler:

Appen Lifesum

Brian Tracy 

Mike Radoors...

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Sean Stephenson: How To Deal With Insecurity And Be Unstoppable

What do Simon Sinek, Anthony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson have in common?

They are all inspired by this week's guest in Fabiola SHARE, Sean Stephenson.

Sean Stephenson is one of the biggest motivational speakers in the world, bestselling author and a 3 Foot Giant.

Here are some awesome things you’ll discover in this podcast:

  • How To Make A World Class TED Talk
  • How to Network worlds most Influential People
  • The 3 ways To Learn New Skills
  • How to Think Big when Life Turns You Down
  • And How To Deal With Insecurity And Be Unstoppable forever!
  • Plus much more!

Listen to my online mentor and I talk about how to deal with insecurity and be unstoppable — no matter who you are.

Awesome people and links mentioned in this episode include:

Tony Robbins 

Les Brown

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Deepak Chopra 

Sean Stephenson Dance party

Sean Stephenson 10 K


If you like the podcast, please share Sean Stephensons message to the world:

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